Friday, 14 November 2014

N Spa Skincare Box Review

My best friend and fellow blogger Rachel and I were wandering around Asda's beauty aisles a few weeks ago looking for some goodies for a well deserved pamper session. We looked through some old favourites and a few of the cheap packet face masks but nothing was really catching our eye. I remembered Caroline Hirons doing a video for Asda on budget skincare, and that she had said very god things about the brand nspa. On the top of the shelf there was a beautiful packaged box with four of their skincare products inside. I cheekily had a little peek inside to check out what was on offer, and was very impressed with the size of the products inside.  

Rach and I decided we would half the price and try out the products together. We headed back to her house and began to pamper ourselves. Within the little box you get a cleansing gel, a hot cloth polish, a serum and a day cream. I think for £10 this pretty great, you also get 50ml of product which is a really good amount for the price. 

The two cleanser were lovely, I am not the greatest fan of a gel cleanser because my skin is very dry but it worked well when following it up the with hot cloth polish. Rachel's skin is a little oilier than man and she like the gel based cleanser to remove the majority of her make-up. The hot cloth polish was pretty nice, I have used high end version in the £50 price range and yes they are magnificent and melt your make-up off within seconds. Considering the price range I though nspa's offering was actually very good. I also liked the serum, its sort of hard to test these sorts of products but it sunk in nicely and made my dry skin feel hydrated so that is a plus. As it was the evening the day cream which contains SPF 15 was a bit pointless but I did try it out anyway. It was nice and creamy and sunk into my skin leaving my face clean, soft and nourished which is all I ask for out of a budget skincare product.

Overall I would recommend this little set to anyone that wants a quick, easy and cheap skincare routine with zero fuss. At just £10 you can't really go wrong, and the products are good quality. I think it would make a lovely gift for a younger girl beginning to take care of her skin or somebody who needs a simple cleansing routine. 

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  1. The set looks really good and the price is quite impressive! I have dry skin as well so anything that helps me in that department is always worth a try in my book.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award ^.^ All the details are over on my blog under the 'Liebster Award' blog post - hope you enjoy! Kate x