Thursday, 24 October 2013

Obsessed with Youtube #Beauty Gurus

Something I find myself doing every single day, whether its as I'm getting ready in the morning or before I turn in for the night is watching YouTube videos obsessively. I literally watch everything from beauty videos to fail videos, daily vlogs and cooking shows. I genuinely rarely watch TV anymore because I would rather tune into my daily dose of youtube. All my friends are very aware of my little obsession too, and end up suffering because I will insist on plugging in headphones and catching up anytime and anyplace. My addiction has gone on for over two years now and I've decided I am more than qualified to provide you all with ultimate YouTube guide, well according to me.

First of all as I do run a beauty blog I am going to advise you of the best beauty gurus to watch on YouTube.  I do watch other types of videos and if this post goes down well I will write about other sections of YouTube I also love! I will split them into sections of expertise, so you have an idea of who does what because I find the videos I like to watch totally depend on my mood.

Make up Tutorials/Beauty Experts

These girls are talented real life make-up artists who are also started one of the original YouTube channels for make-up tutorials. They have a vast amount of very different make-up tutorials and also do make-up advice videos where the offer tips and answer questions. They are sisters and have a great friendly vibe on the camera and are so easy to watch. Sam also has her own amazing line of make-up brushes that are good value and very good quality to top it all off.

My Favourite Video: Since there are two of them I chose one from each sister.

Nicola: Mary-Kate and Ashley Tutorial

Sam: Victoria's Secret prom Make-up Tutorial

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa is a very famous and well respected make-up artist and industry veteran. She does make-up for all of the huge fashion bibles as well as runway shows and campaigns for world famous designers. Lisa makes amazing very informative and easy to follow tutorials. Her genuis is the way she explains every detail in a nice and relatable manner. She always explains why she is using each product and has a tutorial for any occasion from break ups to Xmas parties.

My Favourite Video: Acne/Spot cover Tutorial (Make-up Magic)

Tanya Burr
Tanya is younger than the other experts I have mentioned and happens to be Pixiwoo's future sister in law. She is bubbly and full of energy and very relatable especially to a younger audience. Tanya tends to do fun tutorials that are more directed towards teenagers and young adults so if you need a tutorial for going clubbing then she is your girl. I also think Tanya has a great ability to explain things but also keep the video light and fun so you picks things up without even realising.

My Favourite Video: Lana Del Rey Modern 60s Make-up Tutorial


Vivianna does makeup
What I love the most about Anna and her videos is that she offers experience and information without coming across as if she knows it all. Anna quite obviously painstakingly tries out and researches all the products she talks about and because of this I trust her judgement completely. I always find myself writing a list of products I just have to buy after watching her videos. To top it off she comes up with extremely original video concepts and doesn't just stick to the same old recycled videos. Her blog is also equally amazing!

My Favourite Video: Makeup Menu #1

I Covet Thee
Alix is a little bit newer to YouTube but has had an amazing blog for a long time which I read nearly every day. Alix not only gives amazing reviews on products but she also offers great natural make-up tutorials which are so useful for day looks. She also uses a lot of products that are not often covered, she has her own mind and doesn't follow the crowd and their over-hyped products.

My Favourite Video: Autumn Smokey Eye Tutorial

Kate is a breath of fresh air YouTube land she is down to earth, honest and not caught up in all of the beauty product hype about. She always gives her honest opinion about products even if it goes against what every other guru on YouTube is saying. Kate just generally has her own way of doing things and breaks all of the rules in the best possible way. She also has so many great tips and tricks on applying make-up to different face shapes and skin types. Her skincare knowledge and advice is amazing and I always go to her videos when I want to try new products.

My Favourite Video: Skincare for Beginners

My Personal Favourite

Fleur de force
Fleur is one of the first beauty gurus I ever watched and to this day is somebody who I trust completely. She gives full and honest reviews good or bad and always explains exactly what she liked or disliked about each product. Fleur has similar colouring to me so I suppose her view on products are always very relevant to me, but I do think her reviews are very well rounded too. She also has a great vlog channel where she share bits of her life. She recently got married and had one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen, if you are a girl's girl like me then you will be in tears within seconds.

My Favourite Video: Nars Best and Worst & I just had to put her beautiful wedding video in too!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Business of Brows

Brows are such an important step to your beauty routine and let's face it the right brow shape can transform an entire look and face. People like Cara Delevigne, Lily Collins, Brooke Shields and Audrey Hepburn have us all running to get our brows threaded and buying a million products to try and recreate the beautiful full arches we haven't been blessed with ourselves. Now I understand that eyebrow maintenance and upkeep is quite a personal thing, but I decided I would share with you what I do to keep mine in check. 

My brows are unfortunately not very full, bushy in all the wrong places and a bit of an odd colour. I am a naturally fair haired person who was blonde until about the age of fifteen when highlights became a necessity. I have very ashy almost grey coloured eyebrows that don't match my blonde hair colour in the slightest so I do like to slightly edit the colour. Although I am blonde I like to darken my brows a bit, because I love the blonde hair and bold brow look. I use Mac's eye shadow in charcoal brown to lightly go over my brows and add a darker and warmer shade to my brows. I then take a little brow brush and blend in the colour so it doesn't look to harsh. 

I have fairly full brows at the ends and through the middle, but right at the top I have very few but very long hairs that poke up and become extremely unruly at times. To target this I usually take little nail scissors and trim down the longer hairs to a better length. I also take my Laura Mercier brow pencil in blonde and fill in my brows lightly at the front and anywhere else they need it. I like the pencil because it is a great shade and also nice and hard so it lasts really well. 

To finish off I always brush through my brows to make sure everything is nice and blended, then I take a clear brow gel and fix everything into place. I also wanted to mention that all my brow maintenance such a plucking, waxing etc I do myself. The reason is simply because I don't trust anybody else and I just like to do it myself so any mistake are my own doing. I have learnt my lesson with threading and things and have had some not great experiences with brow bars. So personally I would rather just pluck my brows myself and fill them in everyday.

Quick Review

Mac Charcoal Brown Eye Shadow - I love this product so much it is a great colour for filling in brows if you are fair to medium in hair colour. It has really great lasting power and I have never experienced any ridiculous fall out when applying. It is also good value for money as it is only around £10-£15, and I have had this product for nearly a year and I haven't even hit pan yet using this everyday. A little goes a very very long 

Laura Mercier Brow Pencil in Blonde - This is a newer product to me but I am really liking it a lot. The colour is great for anybody that is a bit fairer in hair colour. It isn't waxy in texture in the slightest so your brows don't end up having that very drawn in look. It has fantastic staying power and sometimes I use this alone on days when I am rushing and it lasts all day easily.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

ATM # 3

Date: 15/10/2013
Time: 16:38 PM
Location: Starbucks at the Royal Mile :)
Fashion Pick: My new Topshop Chelsea heeled boots!
Beauty Pick: YSL Babydoll mascara, thick and nicely separated lashes.
Music Pick: Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 (the second edition of JTs new album)
TV Show: Prison Break on Netflix ADDICTIVE!
Book: The Elite - Kiera Cass
Food: Starbucks Granola, Yoghurt and Berry Compote! 
Drink: Cocktails from Amicus Apple in Edinburgh.
A real foodie blog this time. Rosie runs a fabulous blog sharing her fabulous life as a London socialite and I just love to treat myself to a bit of escapism reading up on her latest escapades.
I could literally rave about Louise and her beautiful personality all day. She is bright, bubbly, funny and best of all comes across so genuinely. She never holds back and you do feel like you are sitting in the room with Louise. Plus she has the one of the cutest kids on Youtube little Darcy! Subscribe today!
This Month I'm Excited For: EUROPE!!!

UPDATE: Okay I admit it I have been a completely terrible blogger as of late and have had zero posts for EVER! No excuses I have just been going through a lot of changes in my life and the blog has unfortunately had to take a back seat. I am very apologetic about this and plan to reconvene with regular posts and to update you all on the exciting changes in my life! I have been very active on instagram so if you want to see a bit into what I have been up to then check out my page !! I do plan on doing a little post updating you all on anything and everything new! My deepest apologies and roll on plenty blogging from myself from now on!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Monthly Favourites #2


This month I have been on a bit of a spending spree, especially in boots. I swear I should have shares in that company because I spend so much money in there, but the points system is amazing I must admit! I have also been on a bit of a skincare binge too, as it is getting colder and my dry skin will no doubt be acting up! Okay so here is my round up of monthly faves!

Soap and Glory Glow Lotion - My best friend swears by this product and when we were away on holiday I spent so much time laughing at her applying this 24/7. When we got home I noticed I had a bottle which must have been in a set I got for Xmas and decided to give it a whirl on my next night out. After I applied a bit of fake tan to my body I put a small pump into my hand and rubbed it all over my chest, arms and legs. Straight away I noticed it gave my body a lovely glow and just complimented the tan. I have used it with instant and build up tan and haven't noticed it effecting either or causing streaks. It's quite subtle but I just think it makes you look a little more toned and definitely adds something if your rocking a simple LBD. It also has the typical gorgeous soap and glory smell which is a definite plus!

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boost - Okay so this product is hyped up so much by all the beauty bloggers because the amazing Caroline Hirons recommends it. I have extremely dry skin which tends to be very dehydrated especially in the colder months of the year so obviously I was drawn to this product. I usually use it in the morning under my foundation as I find it makes my foundation go on so smoothly and the finish is just gorgeous. Genuinely the first time I used this product I noticed how smooth my skin felt and how nice it was to put moisturiser on top off. After a month of using it my skin looks and feels more hydrated and I just find my skin is less flaky and has more of a glow. I know I will repurchase this again and again.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - This is actually my second purchase of this brush, I lost my first one and ended up using my expert face brush for ages. I was in Boots and there was a deal on so naturally I just had to get some new real techniques brushes haha! I am so happy I repurchased the buffing brush because I had forgotten how my I loved it and how well it works to buff in my medium coverage foundations. I find this brush just gives such an even finish and also is just really easy to use, I would recommend it for anyone especially for beginners.

Mac Eyeshadow in Sable - I have had this shade for a while and have just got back into using it again as we getting into Autumn. It is a gorgeous purple/brow shimmer that blends beautifully into the lid. I love it packed all over the lid or in the crease with Brun eye shadow or Woodwinked. It is perfect for a smoky eye or you can apply it opaquely for a subtle day look. I also love it blended in with a bit of Mac's Cranberry for a purple/red eye look which is fab for Autumn. Sable is definitely always going to be a permanent shade in my Mac palette. 

Asda Tweezers - This may sound like a strange thing to have in my favourites, but these are my favourite tweezers and they genuinely cost around £1.50. I guess tweezers are for one thing only and that's taming those brows into gorgeous arched beauties, so it may seem strange that I am raving about this particular pair. I guess it is just the fact that they are so cheap but last forever and are perfect for grabbing even the most tiny and hard to get hair. Bottom line you need tweezers go to Asda!

Loreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution - I recently bought this product on recommendation from a friend and I had also seen it reviewed a lot as a great bargain skin care product. It literally melts off all the make-up I have on and with a little bit more effort also any water-proof make-up too. It is really gentle and is alcohol and fragrance free so it is a great make-up remover for more sensitive skin. I use it on lazy days when I'm tired or after a night out when I can't be bothered with my cleansing balms. This is quick, easy, inexpensive and best of all a very good product.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer -  I am a bit of a concealer hoarder, I can never find one I really love so I purchase tones of them and just keep trying new products. I have previously used the Wake Me Up foundation and all though under certain lights it could be a tad shimmery I really loved it. This concealer is great for applying under the eyes and around the nose as it is illuminating and wakes up the entire area. I always buy my under eye concealers a few shades lighter so that I can achieve that Kardashian cheek bone lift look. This product is perfect for achieving that sort of look and is just lovely and creamy and also has a high level of coverage too.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Confessions of a TV Addict #2 | TV Series Binge Watching Part 1

On this addition of confession of a TV addict I decided to discuss my favourite TV series. A big craze at the minute is to take a whole day or weekend or week in my case haha and sit down and watch an entire season of a TV series. You get the rubbish food out, you stay in your PJs all day, forget the make-up, forget going outside today. It's all about watching 24 episodes of your fave TV programme in a oner, and not even feeling guilty about it, after all we all deserve a bit of down time!

*On reflection I have now decided to write this and then split it into two parts, otherwise it will be a very very long post for you all to read*

There is a variety of different ways to get an entire season of whatever programme you are after. You can subscribe to Netflix which is an amazing instant access website where you can watch many amazing TV series, films and documentary's. It is pretty up to date and has a wide range on content that will suit anybody in the family. 

I also sometimes will download a series from iTunes, it can be a little pricey but its instant access from your sofa. I think its safe to say iTunes updates the quickest too, so you can basically get the new episodes as soon as they air. 

If you are a Virgin Media customer you can watch a lot of series on demand which is amazing. My family have this service in our house so I often I am able to record entire series with a series link. You can also find entire seasons on there on demand service which is so convenient for busy people.

The last suggestion I have is just traditional visiting your local HMV and picking up the DVD boxset. Okay you have to get up and change the disk which can be less than convenient but its nice to have the actual physical DVD to display and prove you are a genuine fan of said programme. It's a bit like CDs really isn't it, you buy them, never use them, but it's nice to have them.

So now for some suggestions as to what you should watch on your beloved duvet day on the couch. I will split it into categories according to mood and taste. The first part of this post will be comedy and girly drama!

Beautiful People, Beautiful Clothes & Drama, Drama, Drama!
Okay so we have our TV for your inner fashionista, teenage girl, drama queen and fabulous, fierce lady. These programmes will not challenge you intellectually, its easy watching, high drama and full of all things beautiful. When you have had a long day and you don't feel your best there is nothing better than channelling a bit of Carrie Bradshaw or Blair Waldorf over a large glass of vino. 

Gossip Girl - Six Seasons of opulent, extravagance from the young and beautiful elite members of the upper east side of New York. It's high drama, high heels and will live you reeling wonder who on earth Gossip Girl actually is. Watch our for the bitch with a heart Blair Waldorf and her hilariously witty put downs and Taylor Momsen before her step into the dark side.

SATC & Carrie Diaries - The originial was obviously Sex and the City with the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker. If you love fashion, New York, cocktails and gossip then you will love this. Carrie Diaries is the teenage Carrie Bradshaw falling in love with New York city. A little less racy than the original and more for the inner teenager but also amazing clothes and a great storyline. Fashion & Beauty Inspiration galore for all social media obsessives.

Pretty Little Liars - Okay so this is technically a murder mystery and I tell you this programme has more twists and turns in one episode than a normal programme has per season. It stars four beautiful young girls who have impeccable dress sense for 16 year olds, I tell you I didn't dress that well as a teenager. So whethere you watch for the storyline, the outfits or the many hot boys who co star its pretty much a winner. Caleb is very hot!

The O.C - California Cool kids with money, hot parents, buckets of drama and amazing music! This programme is pretty old now, I watched it on T4 on Saturday mornings when I was about 13. I then bought all the boxsets too. It is packed with OTT drama, a bit of comedy from Seth and Summer and pleanty of gorgeous people. It also has an amazing soundtrack and a lot of celeb cameos that will have you hitting google thinking 'Who is that!?'! Seth Cohen, Seth Cohen, SETH COHEN!

Skins - I was the perfect age when this made its d├ębut on E4, 15 and as angsty as the most stereotypical teenager can be! It can be pretty wild in parts, very sex, drugs and rocknroll! It has great characters and its amazing to see the characters development throughout, it is amazingly well written with orginial story lines that shock and warm the heart. It has 3 different generations and I genuinely liked all of them very much for different reasons! The clothes are amazing and edgy with each character being so different from style, personality and interests in the show, it adds an entire different dimension to the show. This show is 100% not PG, but to be honest I think that is what sort of makes it! Pushing the boundaries but in the best possible way! 

My hangover is making me lose the will to live/My brain isn't switched on today.
We all have those days where the night before you may have overindulged so as result you are feeling a little bit delicate. Alternatively you could have just had one of those days where you want to switch off, vegetate and watch rubbish TV. Reality TV and a good old comedy is the best way to do that, these programmes are either hilariously funny or hilariously outrageous. Either way, it is holy grail hangover or lazy day viewing.

Big Bang Theory - I love this programme so much! It is completely orginial, hilarious and so heart warming at the same time. The characters are so well written and they each have such loveable quirks that make you fall in love with them instantly. It is about a group of geeky guys that have a pretty girl move in across the hallway from them. I love the way the guys learn something from Penny, and Penny learns something from them. My Dad loves it, not sure how I feel about that...

New Girl - This programme like Big Bang is group of guys with the one girl dynamic. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) moves in with a group of guys after being cheated on by her long term boy friend. Obviously a lot of situations arise when a cooky girl moves in with all these boys. It is so unique, hilarious and the character are so loveable and relatable. There is a long drawn out will they won't they storyline with Zooey's character and one of the roommates. You will invest yourself sooo much in this let me tell you!

Modern Family - This wins ALL the emmys and you know why!? It's AMAZING! It is about a very diverse family with a gay couple, adopted kids, age gaps, moody teenagers, everything! This of course means that it is just ridiculously relateable, and some of the little arguments and situations that play out are just perfect as it could be your family whenever they all get together. It also has a great mixture of comedy and poignant, heart breaking moments that have you fighting the tears. Probably my favourite of the comedys at the minute! Phill Dunphy has me crying with laughter and searching on tumblr for gifs all night!

Dance Moms - Okay so confession... I danced as a child and this programme just brings it all rushing back to me in the best way. The extravagant costumes, the scary teacher, the competitive and bitchy mothers and the bonds you make with your fellow dancers you will never forget. This programme while being pretty car crash TV is so entertaining. The mothers fight constantly and there is always a healthy dose of drama between them all, which obviously makes amazing viewing for us. This is my go to hangover viewing along with some pizza, I could watch it for hours on repeat. I also have to mention which I think is ridiculously over looked is the talent of the young dancers in the show! The girls are just fantastic, so committed and they work so hard! You are not supposed to have favourites but mine is Paige, she is so funny and the sweetest child ever!

Geordie Shore - This programme is I must admit pretty outrageous and I can understand why people would hate it! I on the other hand love it! I love the people, I love the drama, I love the nights out and I don't care! It features a group of guys and gals from Newcastle living in a house together and going out getting very drunk all the time, that is about it... I  genuinely invest myself in the ridiculous relationships drama and find myself shouting at the TV. I love when they all get absolutely mortal as the Geordies say, it makes me feel better about my own drunken antics! It is much like Jersey Shore but to be honest probably worse if that is possible. I love it, judge me I don't care! Charlotte and Gary will they won't me is dragged out in nearly every series but I wish they would just get together already!

Made in Chelsea - I'm a beauty blogger I like nice things, I say this because I see a pattern emerging with my TV viewing. I love all things luxurious and glamorous, if you do too you will love this programme. It is about a group of very wealthy, very posh ,twenty something year olds living in London's lavish Kings Road, Chelsea. It features wealth, luxurious holidays, cheating, champagne, pampered pets, it is the best kind of escapism there is! There is so much drama I don't even know where to begin, it's very rich people have problems too! If you want to chill before bed and switch off your brain this programme is the one for you! These girls literally have the perfect hair and skin. I could not be more jealous...

Americas Next Top Model - This show has been going for like 20 seasons now and I think I have seen virtually all of them! As the title suggests its a competitive reality show where 20 or so girls fight it out to win a coveted modelling contract and amazing campaigns. Tyra Banks is behind this and it shows, it is bitchy, fabulous, over the top and I love it! When I watch it I find myself critiquing all the models photos like I'm Anna bloody Wintour. The new series features girls AND BOYS! Hot male models is definitely my idea of a great TV show!

I hope you all find this helpful in finding the perfect programme to binge watch! As you can see I have a slight TV problem and this is only part 1. I should probably step outside and experience nature now as all I seem to do is shop for make-up online and watch TV!