Thursday, 24 October 2013

Obsessed with Youtube #Beauty Gurus

Something I find myself doing every single day, whether its as I'm getting ready in the morning or before I turn in for the night is watching YouTube videos obsessively. I literally watch everything from beauty videos to fail videos, daily vlogs and cooking shows. I genuinely rarely watch TV anymore because I would rather tune into my daily dose of youtube. All my friends are very aware of my little obsession too, and end up suffering because I will insist on plugging in headphones and catching up anytime and anyplace. My addiction has gone on for over two years now and I've decided I am more than qualified to provide you all with ultimate YouTube guide, well according to me.

First of all as I do run a beauty blog I am going to advise you of the best beauty gurus to watch on YouTube.  I do watch other types of videos and if this post goes down well I will write about other sections of YouTube I also love! I will split them into sections of expertise, so you have an idea of who does what because I find the videos I like to watch totally depend on my mood.

Make up Tutorials/Beauty Experts

These girls are talented real life make-up artists who are also started one of the original YouTube channels for make-up tutorials. They have a vast amount of very different make-up tutorials and also do make-up advice videos where the offer tips and answer questions. They are sisters and have a great friendly vibe on the camera and are so easy to watch. Sam also has her own amazing line of make-up brushes that are good value and very good quality to top it all off.

My Favourite Video: Since there are two of them I chose one from each sister.

Nicola: Mary-Kate and Ashley Tutorial

Sam: Victoria's Secret prom Make-up Tutorial

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa is a very famous and well respected make-up artist and industry veteran. She does make-up for all of the huge fashion bibles as well as runway shows and campaigns for world famous designers. Lisa makes amazing very informative and easy to follow tutorials. Her genuis is the way she explains every detail in a nice and relatable manner. She always explains why she is using each product and has a tutorial for any occasion from break ups to Xmas parties.

My Favourite Video: Acne/Spot cover Tutorial (Make-up Magic)

Tanya Burr
Tanya is younger than the other experts I have mentioned and happens to be Pixiwoo's future sister in law. She is bubbly and full of energy and very relatable especially to a younger audience. Tanya tends to do fun tutorials that are more directed towards teenagers and young adults so if you need a tutorial for going clubbing then she is your girl. I also think Tanya has a great ability to explain things but also keep the video light and fun so you picks things up without even realising.

My Favourite Video: Lana Del Rey Modern 60s Make-up Tutorial


Vivianna does makeup
What I love the most about Anna and her videos is that she offers experience and information without coming across as if she knows it all. Anna quite obviously painstakingly tries out and researches all the products she talks about and because of this I trust her judgement completely. I always find myself writing a list of products I just have to buy after watching her videos. To top it off she comes up with extremely original video concepts and doesn't just stick to the same old recycled videos. Her blog is also equally amazing!

My Favourite Video: Makeup Menu #1

I Covet Thee
Alix is a little bit newer to YouTube but has had an amazing blog for a long time which I read nearly every day. Alix not only gives amazing reviews on products but she also offers great natural make-up tutorials which are so useful for day looks. She also uses a lot of products that are not often covered, she has her own mind and doesn't follow the crowd and their over-hyped products.

My Favourite Video: Autumn Smokey Eye Tutorial

Kate is a breath of fresh air YouTube land she is down to earth, honest and not caught up in all of the beauty product hype about. She always gives her honest opinion about products even if it goes against what every other guru on YouTube is saying. Kate just generally has her own way of doing things and breaks all of the rules in the best possible way. She also has so many great tips and tricks on applying make-up to different face shapes and skin types. Her skincare knowledge and advice is amazing and I always go to her videos when I want to try new products.

My Favourite Video: Skincare for Beginners

My Personal Favourite

Fleur de force
Fleur is one of the first beauty gurus I ever watched and to this day is somebody who I trust completely. She gives full and honest reviews good or bad and always explains exactly what she liked or disliked about each product. Fleur has similar colouring to me so I suppose her view on products are always very relevant to me, but I do think her reviews are very well rounded too. She also has a great vlog channel where she share bits of her life. She recently got married and had one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen, if you are a girl's girl like me then you will be in tears within seconds.

My Favourite Video: Nars Best and Worst & I just had to put her beautiful wedding video in too!


  1. I love Tanya & yeh I really love fleur too!thanks for following me!so cool that u are a fellow scottish blogger!:)

  2. I used to be absolutely obsessed with YouTube beatu gurus :)



  3. Amazing choice here love Tanya and the Acne video is new to me and will come in handy so thanks for sharing these x
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