Monday, 31 March 2014

Let's Talk Lipstick

 For some a bright or bold lip is a very daunting make-up look that requires confidence and flare to pull off. Whether its a hot pink or bright orange you know its going to draw attention and it can be a scary look to rock for the timid among us. Personally I adore a bold lipstick I think it can make you look and feel that bit more confident, and I love it on days when I am in a complete rush (that is everyday then Lyndsey..) I preach to all my friends that there is nothing that polishes off a plain outfit better than a pop of colour on the lip. Whether its a bad hair day, running late day, hungover day or a Birthday I passionately stand behind the bold lip being the ultimate finishing touch! 

I have decided to do a little series on how to wear different bold lip colours and I am starting with possibly one of the scariest colours to rock, Purple. I genuinely believe anyone and everyone can find a shade of purple to suit them. Whether its a dark and vampy blackberry, a gorgeous violet shade or a striking lilac you can find something to fit your style, skin tone and comfort levels. I have chosen four shades from higher and lower end brands that I wear regularly to demonstrate this.

The shade on the left is Scrumptious by Boots 17, this is a purple for beginners or something you could wear for work, uni or school. It is a little bit deceiving in the packaging as it looks very dark, and yes the colour is a darker purple but because it is so sheer and glossy it isn't scary at all. The lipstick gives a lovely wash of purple across the mouth and gives more of a lip gloss finish than a pigmented lipstick. So if you want to try purple but are a bit unsure this product is definitely for you.

Next up is a cult classic in the beauty blogging world Rebel by Mac. It is a gorgeous berry colour and is a little bit more of a pinky purple than the others. It is a great lipstick in that it is extremely versatile, you can wear one layer for a sheer colour during the day or really build it up for a vampy night look. It is also gorgeous on very pale and very dark skin which  is a rare occurrence in lip colours. Best of all the staying power is amazing and I barely find myself having to reapply this during the day. Still a fairly safe choice but this is probably my favourite of the four and I know when this lipstick is finished I will repurchase it straight away.

The next shade is Midnight Plum Colour Sensation by Maybelline. As the name suggests its a deep plum colour that can been built up into a beautiful dark shade. It wears best with a lipliner underneath which adds pigment and staying power. This colour is great for an evening look and I always find myself reaching it for it when I am going very basic on the eye. This colour isn't for the faint hearted, but it is stunning and paired with a simple and classic outfit you can do no wrong. 

Finally I have the ultimate dark opaque purple for anyone really wanting to work the dark and vampy look. The colour is Mulberry by Sleek and is just the perfectly pigmented dark lip colour. It has great staying power you only need one coat to get colour pay off and it doesn't dry out the lips. I originally bought this shade for Halloween but especially in the winter months found myself wearing it on nights out and getting heaps of compliments.  I urge anyone looking for a very deep purple to get this product, it is under a fiver and worth every penny.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

ATM #4

Date: 30/03/2014
Time: 19:48 PM
Location: My cosy bedroom
Fashion Pick: My gorgeous cream coloured tartan scarf.
Beauty Pick: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner for the face. After all Summer is coming some time...
Music Pick: London Grammar's album If You Wait it is beautiful!
TV Show: Scandal!! Just watch it..
Book: Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas 
Food: Sweet Potatoe Fries with EVERYTHING
Drink: Soya Flat Whites!
A real foodie blog this time from me! I love checking out this blog for a bit of harmless escapism. Rosie is a London based food and lifestyle blogger who writes about her latest food, fashion and life finds in London. It is a great source if you were about to visit London too and I really value Rosie's expert opinion!
I could rave about this vlogger all day. I love Louise she is down to earth, hilarious, intelligent and so incredibly genuine. She always strives to create interesting and original content, stepping away from the crowd to ensure fun and unique videos for her loyal subscribers. She also has one of the cutest daughters on Youtube, little Darcy! Subscribe today!
This Month I'm Excited For: EUROPE!!!

 Update: My sincerest apologies for the complete lack of content on this blog for the last while. No excuses I have been largely distracted and lazy but I have had a lot of changes going on recently and have found myself very, very busy. I plan on getting this blog right back to where it was with regular posts and me being my once fully committed, blog obsessive self. So expect some new reviews, photo projects, FOTDs and whatever other random offerings I can come up with. I have of course still been feeding my make-up habit by spending all my money on new cosmetics which you will probably know if you have been following me on instagram, which I miraculously have been managing to update regularly. If you would like to check out what I have been up to over the last while check out my instagram at! I do plan on writing another little update post with some pictures of my latest ventures as soon as, so stayed tuned for that!