Thursday, 11 September 2014

Unsticky by Sarra Manning | Monthly Book Pick & Review

Something that I haven't really shared on my blog is my love for books and reading. I find nothing more relaxing than indulging myself with a sweet snack and a good book for a few hours. This in mind, I have decided to start reviewing a book month for you guys. I love all genres so there will be something for everybody, and please feel free to throw book suggestions my way too.

So the first book is an old favourite of mine, I picked it up on the way to my first girly holiday to Zante in 2009. I ended up lending it to a few of the girls and we all raved about it around the book starting our own little book club. I think I might have read this book around 10 or 11 times I love it that much. It follows a freshly dumped, disorganized, disheartened and debt riddled Grace on a journey of love, self discovery and happiness. 

After being dumped in her favorite department store on her Birthday of all days, she has a chance encounter with older, rich businessman Vaughn. Skip forward a few chapters she is "dating" Vaughn as his mistress and receiving enough designer clothes to dress a small country. Grace struggles morally with the arrangement in place as he is providing her with an allowance that is helping to clear her debt, but she can't help but feel slightly taken advantage of. When feelings kick in from both sides, and drama with friends and colleagues the story takes a darker turn. Is Grace falling for the egotistical, kind but complicated Vaughn and can they make things work out. 

I can't quite put my finger on what is was I adored about this book, the character of Grace is moody, selfish and frustrating at times but I think that's what makes her so incredibly relatable. Manning creates a realistic setting to the story with Grace being a struggling fashion junior at a magazine, her boyfriend is horrible to her and she feels constantly in her best friends shadow. Things turn around for her and you are just rooting for Grace the whole way because you know she has had such a terrible time of it. The characters are all far from perfect and I think in their flaws is the charm and draw to read on about them. 

There are a few erotic scenes in the book which I know aren't everyone cup of tea, but they definitely add to the story and slot in appropriately. I really hope there is a sequel to this at some point because the relationships are so interesting and I would love to know more. I am such a fan of Manning's character development and writing skill and have now read a lot her books. I really can't recommend this book any more, a chic-lit with a kick.

A Summer Recap 2014

I had the most wonderful Summer this year, I worked my arse off but also managed to get up to some amazing stuff too! Just thought I would write a little post of my highlights and appreciate all the good times I've enjoyed over the last few months.

  • Europe | Prague, Amsterdam & Berlin. Great friends, Culture, Food, Pub Crawls, Wild Nights Out && Appreciating Beautiful Cities. Most worn lipstick by myself and Beth, Lassie Aboot Toon aka Girl About Town.
  • T in the Park | Zowie's Hen Party, having our tent and drink session before we even got in, getting our mascot confiscated, John Newman, The 1975, Paulo Nutini & Calvin Harris, Trying to get people up on shoulders, Being in the front row for 1975, as usual the food, dancing on fields, Rain Dancing.
  • Photo Shoots and Projects | Finding the light, doing 2 hour wardrobe consultations and doing DIY Polaroids, thinking we are Vogue magazine, finding the best editing apps and being so excited, and generally spending the day with best friends and getting the opportunity to be creative together.
  • The Commonwealth Games | Rugby Players, Sneaking into Parking, Clydesiders, Supporting the smaller teams, Queuing for burgers, Trying to take selfies, Working out the rules of Rugby 7s as we go.
  • A Summer Wedding | Seeing how everyone scrubs up so well, Acting like the paparazzi, Photo booths, Dancing so hard you break limbs, Photo shoots in the Bridal Suite, seeing families all coming together for such a joyous occasion.
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Seeing my talented friends perform like pros and with athletes stamina for a month, Day drinking, Edinburgh's electric atmosphere, Clubs open till 5, And just immersing yourself in the amazing culture. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

It is the little things that really make my day

So today guys I have a lovely little story to share concerning how I came about this amazing, recycled,  homemade wallet that is pictured above. It is so true that even on the worst day the kindness of strangers can turn that all around. 

Last Monday I was having a truly awful day, I was tired, hormonal and over worked from a busy Summer in Edinburgh airport. A customer had been in the previous week and I had complimented her on what I thought was an amazing DIY wallet. The lovely girl explained to me that her boyfriend made them just as a hobby for friends and family. I couldn't believe he wasn't selling them because I thought they were so cute and environmentally friendly. I told the lovely girl that he should get them on Etsy because I would pay good money for one of those and I think that it would be such a lovely customized gift. 

The very next week the same girl came back in and made my day. She told me that she had told her boyfriend what I had said about his wallets and he was so flattered that he had made one especially for me. Que me nearly crying because I was an emotional wreck, coffees on me for the lovely customer and promises of the wallet being brought in the following Monday. 

Sure enough the next week while I was off unfortunately, the lovely customer (I keep referring to her like this because I didn't get her name unfortunately) brought in my little wallet. I love it so much, I love that it is made from a porridge box. I love that it is hand made and cost almost nothing to make and although it might not last forever it was made especially for me and that is so special. 

At the moment I am using it for change in my hand bag and whenever I show anybody or tell anybody my wallets story they are as delighted as I was. I now just need to convince the lovely customer to start selling them and I guess I should really find out her name too. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Autumn Beauty Staples

When the colder months hit I always find myself shopping my stash and digging out some of my old favorites for Autumn/Winter, so I thought I would gather some of my most used products and share with you all. 

As far as base goes I do tend to use a higher coverage foundation in the colder months, but also I find myself digging out a good quality powder too. I absolutely love the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre natural finish loose powder, although it is pricey I find it sets my make-up beautifully and doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry. In the winter I like to set my face in order to keep my make-up in place so I don't have to reapply all the time. 

The Maybelline Color Tattoo's are a staple to me in all Seasons but in Autumn I love to use the matte taupe shade in Permanent Taupe. It's great to use as a primer for under eye shadow and to make brighter colours pop against the eye two. Mostly though, I like to use it as a quick all over colour on days where I have little or no time to do make-up. It is a must buy for any beauty loving girl who is constantly in a rush in the Winter months.

Another eye shadow I love to use for more special occasions is Beauty Marked by Mac. It is a gorgeous purple/brown shimmer shade that looks a little different on everyone. Every single time I wear this colour I receive lots of compliments and it is such a great and beautiful statement eye look with a simple little black dress. 

Staying with Mac, day or night during the colder months I will be wearing the lipstick shade Rebel. It is a gorgeous warm purple colour and it is great for a pop of colour especially in the colder months. I wore it non stop last yer and I know I will be just the same this Autumn.

The second lip colour in the Rimmel Apocalips in 304 Eclipse. It is a gorgeous liquid lipstick, stain type product which has amazing colour pay off and lasting power. I love this shade if I am just wearing a touch of mascara and bronzer because it can just amp up a really simple look in seconds. It is so easy to apply and lasts all day no problem. 

Finally I have my number one cold month beauty must have, hand cream! The cream I have been using recently is a Body Shop offering in a stunning shea butter scent. I just love how this cream feels on my hands, it sinks in quickly and quickly relieves my often very dry skin. I love the small, clean and compact packaging too its so easy to throw in your handbag.

Let me know what beauty products you shop your stash for in the colder months, and if you find yourself doing a make-up bag revamp for the new Seasons.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Monthly Favourites #6 August 2014

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

If you have read my earlier post you would know that I received this free while on a spree in The Body Shop recently. Literally since the day and hour and received it I have been spraying it non-stop. Its a gorgeous fresh and fruity smell and because I got it for free I don't mind giving it a really good spritz on myself. I have recently picked up a few more and to my delight they only cost me £7.50 each. If you are looking for an inexpensive but gorgeous scent to throw in your hand bag, this is the one!

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Long-Lasting

I have been humming and hawing over this product for a little while, but for professional make-up work I knew it was a must-have. I picked the full size bottle up from Debenhams at the beginning of the month and have been absolutely loving it. I usually spritz it over my face daily just at the end of my make-up application, but I have also found that using it in layers is a fool proof way of keeping your face in place throughout the day. Totally worth the money and perfect for that big event where you want to look perfect all day.

Botanics Soothing Eye Make-up Remover

Recently I have been getting a lot of use out my Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara, so obviously I have been needing a good make-up remover to tackle it in the evenings. This is such a bargain buy but also does the job amazingly. My eye makeup literally melts off under a few seconds of the oil over your eyes. Great product, couldn't recommend more.

The Body Shop Chocomania Deluxe Edition Body Butter

As usual I have been suffering from dry skin, especially on my body. The best products to tackles this have to be body butters, and the body shop are experts at them. I have opting for the gorgeous, rich smell chocomania scent which has been leaving my skin smelling amazing and velvety smooth. It melts into the skin easily and actually doesn't take all that long to soak in. Great indulgent product to make the skin on your body lovely and soft.

No7 Precision Lips Pencil

Is it just me who has been coveting Kylie Jenner's make up look recently, especially her lined, full lips. I have had this liner kicking about my drawers for a while ever since the wonderful Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in a video. It is the perfect my lips but better shade for making my non existent cupids bow look more defined and given me a fuller looking lip. It only costs £6.99 and it really is a brilliant product, much like any No 7 product really.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel

This liner came along with my beloved In the Lights palette, and I am embarrassed to admit at first I pretty much ignored it. It wasn't until I was searching for a black eyeliner alternative that I gave this beauty a try, and I am so glad I did. This liner has not been out my make up bag since I first tried it. The product is beautifully pigmented, creamy and extremely long lasting. It glides on flawlessly and gives are gorgeous smoky effect instantly. If you are in the market for a waterproof liner look no further than Stila.