Friday, 17 May 2013

Scotland is Beautiful | Plockton

My dad's side of the family are from a beautiful little village along the West Coast of the Highlands of Scotland. It is absolutely tiny and basically every second person who passes me in the village is related to me some how. The weather in Plockton is beautiful usually, because although it is on the West Coast the village faces East away from the wind and it is on the North Atlantic Drift.

The village is extremely picturesque and tourists swarm here during the summer months to experience the little boating village. Last time I visited I took some photos of the gorgeous village and I have decided to share them on my blog.

 This photo I took on the way up to Plockton, I made my dad stop at the best view he could find! Doesn't that loch look like the outline of Scotland!?

 The house behind the phone box was built by my Great-Grandfather for my Great-Grandmother! It is getting an extreme make over home edition at the moment!

Sometimes I VLOG and my best friend is very talented!

Okay so as well as blogging I do occasionally do a bit of vlogging with my best friend Chelsea, so I thought I'd share this on here. Mostly it is us just messing about and giggling in Chelsea's car, but at the very end I added in clips of Chelsea singing at a competition. I am not just a proud friend, she is an unbelievable singer and deserves all the success. Please take a minute to check out the videos! I have also put Chelsea's cover of E.T by Katy Perry bellow :) I will link everything we bought in boots bellow and please check out my channel and Chelsea's as well!

My YouTube Channel
Chelsea's YouTube Channel

In Boots we bought;
Barry M Lip Paint in Palest Lavender
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive & Scrumptious

I am very excited for The Great Gatsbsy!

The film was released yesterday and I am working non stop for the next few days, so I am not going to get a chance to see it till Tuesday or Wednesday. This is horrible for me because I have been waiting on it coming out for nearly a year!!

Ever since I was first given the book to study in English at the tender age of 14 I have adored everything about this book. I think the main attraction at the time for my young self was the sheer decadence and the beautifully described opulence of the characters and their lifestyle. I am also partial to a bit of a drama and this book is jammed packed with drama. Everyone in my class hated it and thought it was boring, I was scandalised by their reaction and turned into the biggest teachers pet that term as I was so openly enthusiastic about the text. Everybody is jumping on the Gatsby bandwagon now, and I imagine all the haters will have conveniently forgotten their originally distaste for the novel in favor of following the crowd. I don't actually care about that because 'The Great Gatsby' is such a fabulous story it deserves to be adored by all anyway, and if it takes Baz Luhrmann's film sorcery to make that happen, then so be it!
I LOVE Baz Luhrmann, he is a genius  I know everyone says it, but his style of film making is right  up my street. I love the theatricality of his films and how the production is like a Broadway show. I studied musical theatre for years, and after I saw Moulin Rouge I fell in love with his films. Romeo and Juliet is a film I can watch over and over and also I don't mind the beautiful Leonardo Dicaprio making a young, gorgeous appearance.

Luhrmann's casting is also impeccable  I love Carey Mulligan ever since I accidentally went to see An Education when I missed the film I was originally supposed to see. One of the happiest accidents because I adored the film. Isla Fisher is another favourite and I can't wait to see her playing Myrtle, she will be perfect. I will stop this ramble now, because I will more than likely do a whole other post once I have actually seen the film. I AM SO EXCITED!

P.S I am OBSESSED with the pictures from the Cannes premier!

Computer Issues

I have had some serious laptop issues, and my computer is beyond slow. So unfortunately I haven't been able to regularly blog. I did some posts in advance and now I have a bit of a pile up of posts
needing to be put up. So they are all going up tonight, right now! Sorry I pretend I'm computer savvy but  really I'm as clueless as the next person :)

ATM #1

Date: 17/05/2013
Time: 10:20 PM
Location: My Bedroom :)
TV Show: Dexter Season 7 
Food: Walkers Baked Cheese and Onion Crisps Yumm!
Drink: Diet Irn Bru
This Month I'm Excited For: The Great Gatsby & Holiday Shopping!

Some of these products are linked :)

Restaurant Review #1 | Steak

I have an obsession, one that I spend a ridiculous amount of money on every month. I love everything about it, dressing up, being waited on, the atmosphere, the music, the company, the conversation and obviously the FOOD! I love going to different types of restaurants and trying different cuisine from around the world, the more daring the better. My best friend and I regularly look for good deals in and around the large variation of restaurants in Edinburgh, and on recommendation from another friend we found ourselves in Steak on Picardy Place.
The restaurant is fairly new and has only been open about a year. Its attached to a boutique hotel and a small bar/night club and from the outside it looks very chic. When we arrived our coats were taken and we were led into a beautiful, loft inspired room with huge wooden tables and minimal decoration. I was immediately impressed by the décor and loved the entire mood of the room. It had a relaxed, welcoming but sophisticated look and I knew straight away I was going to love the place.
The menu is obviously pretty limited, as in its definitely not a restaurant for a vegetarian  There was a wide range of steaks at a wide range of prices. You could splash out and get a £60 piece of meat but there were also reasonable choices at £15-£20. The sides on offer are perfect for accompanying a well cooked steak, there are a vast amount of different types veg and choices of fries, potatoes or truffle macaroni. There are also a good range of starters from smoked salmon to steak tartar to prawn cocktail and soup.

My friend and I managed to get a deal where you got soup, wine and a steak for £15.00, all you had to do was add on any sides you wanted. This was really great the quality of the food was amazing and it was very good value for money. We had lentil soup for starter which had a slight hint of cinnamon in it which I'd never came across before. The soup was really tasty and cinnamon gave it a kick which set it aside from other bog standard lentil soups I'd had before. We also got given some cheese and ham soda bread which was again a bit different from the normal French bread. This too was really nice and it was great to try something new.
The main courses arrived and my friend and I could barely conceal our excitement when they started bringing over the array of little side dishes filled with delicious smelling sides. We ordered honey roasted veg, truffle macaroni and triple cooked chips in beef dripping (sounds delicious, tasted better). The veg was perfectly cooked and was an amazing sweet/savoury contrast to the steak. The red onion was caramelised beautifully and the carrots were a perfect crunchy consistency. We already got fries included with our steak but we couldn't resist the sound of the beef dripping chips so decided to order them too. This was not a mistake, the chips were delicious, crunchy and were probably the best I'd ever had. By this point my friend and I were pretty chuffed with the sides we had chosen, but the Pièce de résistance was definitely the truffle macaroni. I'd never tried anything with truffle in it before and was very excited. Another friend of mine had tried and failed to describe the deliciousness of truffles a few weeks before and I must be honest I am also finding it difficult to find the correct words to describe the amazing taste. The macaroni was seriously delicious and bursting with flavour, it was very rich but I wouldn't necessarily say that was a bad thing.
After the sides they brought over the steak, and offered us an array of sauces. The steak was seared to absolute perfection and was presented beautifully on the plate with another side of chips. We tucked in as soon as the waiter turned his back to walk away. My friend and I didn't actually speak to one another for about 5 minutes because we where enjoying the food so much, we just made appreciative noises and pointed at the sides grinning. The steak was completely tender and just melted in your mouth and all the sides complimented each other perfectly. There is not much else I can say apart from we LOVED it!
All in all the price was amazing, the food was exquisite, the decor was gorgeous and although my friend and I had been working all day on a hangover and not to mention on a SUNDAY! This cheered us up no end, and we wouldn't shut up about it to literally everyone we know! If you live in Edinburgh, or are visiting you must visit this restaurant, it has been a real find and I will 100% be going back and bringing along everyone I know.

Click here for to take a look at the menu, special offers and make reservations.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great, I wasn't originally planning to blog about this visit to Steak so I was a little unprepared and excited to tuck in!