Friday, 14 November 2014

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Review

I religiously use indeedlabs Hydraluron gel as a serum day and night. I have very dry skin and I find it really helps to moisturise and hydrate my skin throughout the day. I haven't found another product like it and it is so effective on my skin I have been reluctant to try out any other serums. 

I was running very low a few weeks ago and decided I would need to make a dash to Boots that afternoon to pick up some more. While I was in Boots I noticed that not only was the Hydraluron on 3 for 2 but there was another product from the Hydraluron range available. I have tried the mask available in the range, which I liked but its not something I could really use every single day. The product that was being featured was the gel in a bigger packaging in what seemed like a thicker gel which would be perfect for the bitter Winter months approaching. I grabbed both and headed to the till before I could be distracted by any more goodies. 

That evening I excitedly tried out the thicker and seemingly more effective gel, and I must admit I was not disappointed. First of all the packaging is amazing, with a push down lid so you get the perfect amount of product in an easy and very clean way. The gel melted into my skin, relieving me of the tightness I constantly experience and my moisturiser melted into it perfectly. The next day my skin felt more hydrated than usual and couldn't wait to smear it on again. I do think this product is particularly suited to a dryer skin and might be too heavy for other skin types, so it is defintately somehting to consider when purchasing.

I have a review of the slightly lighter oringinal Hydrauron gel here, if anybody is interested. I would say if you suffer from constant dry skin this product is a must try.

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