Friday, 7 November 2014

Monthly Favourites #7 October 2014

This month I just have a few things to talk about because I have found myself going back to trusted old favourites I raved about hundreds of times. My family went to Miami this month too, so a few treats from across the pond are of course also featured.

Bath and Body Works Leaves Three Wick Candle

I have been coveting this candle for years, ever since I first started watching Youtube hauls. My family went to Miami recently and my mum brought me it back kindly. It first of all literally smells like Autumn to me and is the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in. I have probably burned it around 10 times already and it has barely burned down, which is a massive plus for me. It is only available in the US unfortunately, so make sure you make friends over the pond so you can get your hands on one.

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brunette

I am a lover of big, bold brows, but I dont like them to look too boxy and fake so I have been looking for something that could help me create a more natural looking brow. This product has of course been raved about across the beauty blogosphere, and I must admit its for good reason because this product is amazing! It comes with a tiny crayon style pencil on one side, which is perfect for drawing in little hairs to create the illusion of a naturally full brow. Then on the other side there is a little brow brush to help get your brows in place and blend in the product. I have never had as many compliments on my brows since using this product and I think it will be a staple for me from now on.

L'Oreal Color Riche Julianne's Pure Red 

I had a bit of a mad moment on the two for one offers in Boots at the start of the month and ended picking up 3 of the 4 new L'Oreal red celeb inspired lipsticks. I love all the shades I picked up and wear them all a lot, but the one I'm loving the most is Julianne's shade. It is a beautiful, bright and vibrant orangy red colour, which is so complimentary to a paler skin. I have recently changed my hair colour from blonde to copper and I love this shade with my new hair. They are also so cheap at jusy £6.99 which is insanely good considering the amazing quality of the lipsticks.

Avon Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium Riveri

I have recently been ordering a few things from Avon to try, which has been great as Avon is pretty cheap and really great quality make-up. While flicking through I noticed they did a bronzer with a built in mirror, and not only that but they stocked matte shades. I have been trying to find a budget matte bronzer for my handbag for a while now so I was thrilled and ordered straight away. The bronzer turned out to be so good, and has great pigmentation and is a fab for an all over colour or a light contour. Bottom line if you are looking for lower budget but great quality make-up definitely give Avon a try, 

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  1. Those offers at Boots are LETHAL, I always end up spending a fortune, not to mention I'm always left with the spare product so I have to get more and then more hahahaha!!!
    I loved the celebrity nude lipstick line from L'Oreal, I got many of them!! I only had time to see the reds quickly, I'll get back to them when I can take the right time :-) The one you picked looks gorgeous!
    Oh and tell me about autumnal candles, I'm OBSESSED with them.

    Love <3