Friday, 27 June 2014

Dry Skin Drama #2

As I have mentioned in a previous post I suffer from chronic dry skin tied in with bouts of eczema which in the past have been a complete nightmare for me. My skin can be randomly and without warning very sensitive too, a product you would expect to break me out or make me come out in a crazy rash is totally fine, then the most natural, gentle product turns my skin into a huge mess. Sometimes I feel like I really can't win whatever I try out. I have decided to talk through my fail safe skincare favourites that I know will not break me out and do wonders to improve the dry and dehydrated nature of my skin.

After I come out of the shower I find that my skin feels tight to the point where I feel it might crack to pieces and for years I have been trying to find something to use in the shower to combat this. Finally after going between a variety of cleansers and washes that claim to hydrate I stumbled across the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Creamy Cleanser. I was on 2 for 1 spree in Boots and picked it up on a whim along with a clay mask and I am extremely glad that I did. The formula is beautiful and when you apply it on a damp face it melts into the skin and instantly brings a feeling of hydration to your skin. I feel like using this product is almost like a relief to my skin especially after a heavy weekend. I have found a huge difference in the hydration and dry state of my skin since using this product over the last month. The surface of skin is smoother my dry patches have all but disappeared, it may be a combination of this product and others but I must admit I have noticed the biggest difference since switching to this cleanser. As an added bonus it smells gorgeous, it has a fresh rose scent which is lovely in the evenings.

Another cleanser I swear by especially when my skin is at its worst is the Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion. This is probably the first cleanser I ever purchased and it has been a skin care staple of mine for years. It doesn't give amazing results and isn't life changing but it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It is gentle on the skin, cleanses beautifully and doesn't irritate or dry out skin in the slightest. When I have a skin nightmare after using a product my face doesn't get on with the Simple cleanser is what I turn to as I know it will do nothing but cleanse my skin gently. I really think everyone should have this in there stash for emergencies.

Another type of product I love to use are toning waters I find these sprays help to reduce the drying feeling make-up can have on your skin throughout the day. On an extremely hot day while I was in Berlin last month, I was on hot pursuit of this type of product to offer my face some relief in the stuffy weather. I stumbled into Lush with another beauty obsessed friend and we scoured the shelves for a Caudalie Beauty Elixer Dupe. The kind assistant guided us towards the Eau Roma Water which I purchased with no questions asked. This was obviously pretty reckless of me but I am happy to report that this is one of the best toning waters I have used especially at the cheap price. It is only £7.50, comes in a handy purse size bottle and is so refreshing and gives a lovely hydrating feeling to your skin.

Hydraluron is literally my holy grail skincare product. When I don't use it for even a single day I feel as if my skin is screaming out for it and it genuinely has had that much of a positive impact on my skin. It is a serum that you apply before your moisturiser day and night, it is sort of like a glue that moisture sticks to and helps any product you put on after absorb into the skin better. It has a strange almost plastic consistency but you get over that once you see the amazing results it gives. I concentrate the product on my t-zone and under my eyes which may sound strange but that is where I get the worst of my dryness. I feel like my skin feels as if it is taking a big drink and I just don't know I would do without this product.

For my everyday moisturiser I have been using the Loreal Paris Triple Active Multi-Protection Moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. I first of all love the scent of this product and generally just found this product does the job really well. It sinks into my skin quickly and doesn't leave my skin too wet or sticky. I find in combination with the Hydraluron it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and very hydrated. It maybe isn't the best moisturiser in the world but for the cheap price tag and to use on a day to day basis it is perfect for me. 

This last product the No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm is also a new find of mine. I wanted a sort of primer product that would be illuminating and distract from the dehydrated state of my skin on its dryer days. I apply this product on top of moisturiser and under my base, I find it sits really nicely on my skin and adds an amazing glow. It makes my skin feel really smooth all day and definitely helps my foundation last and stops my skin drying out too much throughout the day. 


  1. I don't have dry but mixed skin and I use this toner from Lush, too and I love it!

  2. I love Lush products so much, thanks for commenting!